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Certificate in Professional Irish (Preparatory course for the Certificate in Professional Irish - Autumn 2021) - Online - Preparatory Course

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The Preparatory Course is suitable for people who have attended a few beginners classes or who already have basic Irish, e.g. they can greet people, introduce themselves and others. They may understand a great deal of the language but do not yet have the language skills to construct complete sentences or engage in continuous conversation. It is also suitable for those who did ordinary level Irish in the Leaving Certificate, but who have not had opportunities to use the language at all outside of school.

Level 3 of the Certificate in Professional Irish is suitable for those who have previously studied the language and are able to communicate at a very basic level in Irish (they can talk about their background and where they live, for example). They know quite a few sentences but have difficulty engaging in continuous conversation. Those who undertake Level 3 have typically done ordinary level Irish in the Leaving Cert.

Level 4 of the Certificate in Professional Irish is intended for those who have studied Irish at school, perhaps a number of years ago, who understand a good deal of the language but have had few opportunities to use it in recent years. Some basic language is taught at the beginning of the course, but the classes then progress at a faster pace than those at Level 3. Those who undertake Level 4 have typically done higher level Irish in the Leaving Cert.

Leibhéal 5 an TGG oiriúnach do dhaoine atá breá ábalta comhrá a dhéanamh trí Ghaeilge agus a úsáideann í ó am go chéile – go sóisialta nó san obair, mar shampla. Déantar plé ar thopaicí níos dúshlánaí ná na cinn a bhíonn i gceist ag Leibhéal 4 agus déantar cíoradh níos doimhne orthu ná mar a dhéantar sna ranganna ag an leibhéal níos ísle sin.

Leibhéal 6 an TGG oiriúnach dóibhsean a bhfuil Gaeilge líofa acu ar mian leo an deis a fháil díriú ar thopaicí dúshlánacha. Go minic, bíonn siadsan a thugann faoi Leibhéal 6 tar éis roinnt cúrsaí Gaeilge a dhéanamh le tamall anuas agus bíonn céim sa Ghaeilge ag cuid acu, fiú. Ní bhíonn an stór focal acu, áfach, le labhairt faoi thopaicí casta agus ní bhíonn ach cur amach teoranta acu ar rialacha gramadaí.

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