Certificate in Professional Irish

How do I register for the course?
You can register by completing the form at the back of the course brochure and returning it to us, by registering online on this site, by emailing us at eolas@gaelchultur.com or by calling us on (01) 484 5220.

What method of assessment is used?
The participants undertake continuous assessment throughout the course and this is worth 55% of the overall marks. Students also undertake an oral exam at the end of the programme and this accounts for the remaining 45%.

What are the entry requirements?
Those wishing to attend the course at Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 or Level 6 must have a certain minimum competency in Irish. This is assessed in a pre-course interview.

What computer skills must participants have?
Participants must have basic computer skills (e.g. an ability to send and receive emails, use a browser, play sound files). They must have access to a computer for several hours each week as preparation for the classroom sessions is done online.

What can I do if I’m not free to attend the course?
Gaelchultúr offers courses for the public sector on a regular basis. Details regarding these courses are available in this section, “The Public Sector”, of www.gaelchultur.com.

Will I have an opportunity to do further study on completing this course?
Students who successfully complete the Certificate in Professional Irish at Level 3 will have an opportunity to progress to the Level 4 programme. Those who complete the Certificate in Professional Irish at Level 4 will be able to undertake the programme at Level 5. And those who attain the Level 5 qualification will be able to progress to the programme at Level 6.