General uncertificated courses

When a government body contacts us regarding in-house Irish language training, we immediately meet with that organisation in order to ascertain what its needs are.

We then conduct a short interview with those who have expressed an interest in attending an Irish language training course. The aims of this interview are:

• to assess the linguistic competency of the potential trainees
• to give them more information regarding our approach to teaching and the type of material and activities we use
• to deal with any apprehension on their part regarding the course and to answer any questions they may have.

When all the interviews have been conducted, Gaelchultúr draws up a document for the organisation containing the following information:

• the level of competency in Irish of the staff members interviewed
• recommendations regarding the level or levels at which a language course should be offered
• the cost of providing the training.

When the preliminary work above has been completed, the process of syllabus and materials design then begins.

Contact Michelle Seoighe now for an estimate or to arrange free assessments for staff.

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