General information about the course

Who is this course suitable for?

The Dioplóma Iarchéime san Aistriúchán programme is aimed at those who already have a good standard of Irish, but who wish to learn translation skills or to enhance the skills they already have. It is also ideal for those who work through Irish on a daily basis – teachers and journalists, for example – who wish to improve their standard of writing in the language. The course will also benefit those who are interested in working as a translator, administrator or lawyer-linguist in one of the European institutions.

Aims and objectives

These are the aims and objectives of the Dioplóma Iarchéime san Aistriúchán programme:

• to provide language training in Irish at a high level to cater for the need for a greater number of graduates who have specialised skills in the language;

• to provide training in legal translation from English to Irish to ensure that a sufficient number of people will have the appropriate skills to enable the ending of the current derogation on the Irish language as a working language of the European Union;

• to teach students the technological skills that they will require to function effectively as professional translators;

• to provide certification to students who attain a high level of competency in the written language, in grammar and in translation, thus enabling them to acquire positions in the translation, legal and Irish language sectors, as well as other sectors;

• to provide students will training and transferable skills that will enable them to operate independently on a long-term basis.

Learning outcomes

These are the learning outcomes that will be achieved by students who complete the course satisfactorily:

• They will have a comprehensive knowledge of Irish language grammar and will have high-level written skills in the language.

• They will be able to translate a range of English language texts to Irish and will have specialised knowledge regarding the translation of legal texts from English to Irish.

• They will be able to review texts that they write themselves and texts written by others.

• They will be familiar with a range of useful technological resources used in the Irish language and in the translation sector, and they will be able to use them effectively.

• They will have an understanding of translation theory.

• They will have an insight into translation as a career and will have an understanding of the practical aspects of the work.

• They will be able to use a range of research and enquiry techniques.

• They will be able to operate professionally in a range of roles in the translation and Irish language sectors.

Duration and general structure of the course

The Dioplóma Iarchéime san Aistriúchán programme, which is a level 9 NFQ course (, will run for three semesters, over a fifteen-month period.

A blended learning approach will be used in the programme, featuring a combination of online study, live online classes, and lectures and tutorials in the classroom. The classroom-based sessions will be held on one Saturday a month in Coláiste na hÉireann/Gaelchultúr’s headquarters in Dublin city centre, at the following times:

Semester 1 9.45am–12.00pm and 1.00–5.00pm

Semesters 2 and 3 9.30am–1.30pm agus 2.30–4.30pm

Course work

Students will have access to interactive courses on Gaelchultúr’s e-learning website,, and they can use this material to prepare for the classroom sessions and the live online classes. It will also be useful to them as they revise the course work.

Students will be given written tasks to do on a regular basis and they will be asked to submit these lessons by email to their tutor. Comprehensive feedback will be provided by email. There will be a limited number of live online classes each semester; these classes will be held at night. Students will be given more information regarding the live online classes and all other aspects of the course in a handbook that will be provided at the beginning of the first semester. This handbook will also contain information about the projects students will be required to submit.


The course lectures and tutorials will be held in Coláiste na hÉireann/Gaelchultúr, 11 Clare Street, Dublin 2. Information regarding the location of that venue is available in the ‘About us’ section of this website.

Teaching approach

Since the number of places available on the Dioplóma Iarchéime san Aistriúchán programme will be limited, participants will find it easier to ask their lecturers and tutors questions. Pair work and group work will be a central feature of all lecturers and tutorials, therefore students will have an opportunity to take a very active role in those sessions.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee per semester is €1,495. Tax relief is available from the Revenue Commissioners ( in relation to such fees.


This year again, a scholarship (i.e. the course without the fees) will be offered to one of the students accepted into the course.

Those wishing to apply for the scholarship are asked to fill the appropriate form and to submit it with the course application form.

The scholarship form is available to download below.

Application Form for the Scholarship