Newsletter #12: September 2011

Deal of the Month on
a tin whistle for €4.00

September’s bargain buy on is a brass tin whistle in the key of D and it can purchased for €4.00 throughout this month.

The tin whistle is widely used in traditional music and has a long and distinguished history, stretching back over hundreds of years. Although it takes a long time to become an expert, you can learn the basic skills very quickly and you’ll be able to play plenty of traditional tunes within a short period of time.

A fingering chart is available free of charge here and this will help you play the various notes.

You can listen to “Cooley’s Reel” being played on the whistle by clicking here. Perhaps you won’t be able to play like this for a little while but you can set yourself that target!

If you’d like to own this famous musical instrument, go to now!

The offer will expire on Friday, 30 September 2011.