Newsletter #12: September 2011

Link of the month

The recently launched website aims to help people improve their written Irish and focuses on the specialised skills of editing and translation.

While the amount of material available on is currently limited, within a few months the site is set to become a valuable resource for the Irish language community, as the team will be adding material to the following sections on a monthly basis:

Ó Bhéarla go Gaeilge (From English to Irish)
This practical guide is aimed at users who have no experience in translating texts from English to Irish. This graduated course builds on the users' knowledge, step by step.

Cleachtaí eagarthóireachta (Exercises in editing)
This section contains both exercises in editing and a parallel commentary, allowing the user to improve his editing skills independently of a teacher.

Input is required from the Irish language community to develop other sections of the website:

Cruinneas (Accuracy)
This section contains a database of the most common mistakes and areas of difficulty in the language. Advice is also given as regards subtle differences between related terms, “bainistíocht” and “bainisteoireacht”, for example, that are not immediately apparent from the entries on or in Niall Ó Dónaill's Foclóir Gaeilge–Béarla. Most of the examples to date are based on analysis of errors made in TEG exams and in the work submitted by participants in the Dioplóma Iarchéime san Aistriúchán agus san Eagarthóireacht (Postgraduate Diploma in Translation and Editing). The main tutor on that course, Dr Antain Mac Lochlainn, is the editor of

Taighde & cartlann (Research & archive)
Postgraduate students and other scholars are invited to publish the results of their work in this section.

Anyone who wishes to provide material for the Cruinneas or Taighde & cartlann sections, may simply complete the short form on this page and click on the “Seol” button.

The website was developed by Grafaicí Teo (