Newsletter #17: May 2012

Irish Language Course for Hibernia Applicants

This week marks the beginning of the Irish Language Course for Hibernia Applicants, a new programme from Gaelchultúr aimed at those who will be doing the Irish language interview for the H.Dip. in Arts in Primary Education with that college. The course, which will be offered regularly from now, will focus on the main topics of conversation that arise in the interview and participants will be given an opportunity to improve their speaking skills and add to their vocabulary.

The course aims to provide participants with information that will enable them to:

• start their interview well - this will put the interviewee at ease and impress the interviewers
• use verbs correctly
• give comprehensive answers, at a high standard, to questions that are frequently asked in the interview
• give grammatically correct answers.

The course is suitable for those who have studied Irish at school but have had few opportunities to use it since then.

“Many people who attend the interview are out of practice for a long time,” says Helen Hegarty, Training Officer with Gaelchultúr, “and they often make very basic mistakes. It definitely won't impress the interviewer if you say “Ba bhreá liom a bheith ag múineadh nóiníní” (I'd love to teach daisies) as opposed to “Ba bhreá liom a bheith ag múineadh naíonán” (I'd love to teach infants) when speaking about your career aspirations!

“This course will give people the opportunity to get back into the swing of Irish again and will allow them to achieve the highest mark they're capable of in the interview. Hibernia have approved the course syllabus and if participants study the material carefully and become familiar with it, they should do fine in the interview.”

Gaelchultúr has decided to offer two options to cater for those living in Dublin and those living further afield, in Ireland or even abroad. These are the two options being offered:

Option 1: A two-hour session in the classroom one night a week for eight weeks, in Gaelchultúr, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. These sessions will be held on Thursday evenings, from 7.00 - 9.00 p.m., on the following dates: 10 May, 17 May, 24 May, 31 May, 7 June, 14 June, 21 June and 28 June 2012.

Option 2: Two classroom sessions that will be held on Saturday, 12 May, and Saturday, 30 June 2012, in Gaelchultúr, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. In addition, a live, one-hour class will be held online one night a week for seven weeks. The online classes will take place on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, from 7.30 - 8.30 p.m.

In addition to the classes, participants will have access to a comprehensive online course: Irish Language Course for Hibernia Applicants. They will be able to use this material to prepare for the classroom-based and online sessions.

The course costs €249, and participants may also opt to do a mock interview at the end of the programme (at an additional reasonable fee).

Those wishing to attend the Irish Language Course for Hibernia Applicants can book a place online at or by calling us on (01) 484 5220 / 1890 252 900. As places are limited, early booking is advised.