Newsletter #33: January 2016

Linger: a new Irish step dance work from Breandán de Gallaí

Breandán de Gallaí, who is originally from the Donegal Gaeltacht of Gaoth Dobhair, spent nine years working with Riverdance, seven of those as lead male dancer, but now he’s bringing his own Irish step dance work, Linger, to the stage. In addition to being the work’s choreographer and director, de Gallaí will also be one of the two dancers appearing on stage, the other being Nick O’Connell from Kildare. This is how the work is described:

This immersive theatrical experience will unfold through a rich tapestry of photography, film, music and movement, examining identity, sexuality, masculinity and ageing. The duet is performed by de Gallaí and Nick O’Connell, two Irish dancers at opposite ends of their dancing careers. Linger explores and celebrates this contrast, the mercurial movements of youth being juxtaposed with the more considered gestures of the less young, making us reflect on the passage of time and who we are at various junctures of our lives.

Linger will be staged in the Project Arts Centre in Dublin between 21 and 23 January (tickets €16/€14), in Firkin Crane in Cork on 29 January (tickets €12/€10) and in Dance Limerick (tickets €12/€10) on 4 February.

For more information about Linger, please click here.