Newsletter #42: May 2018

Online EPV Courses: Interview with Deirbhle Ní Chorrduibh

Last year Deirbhle Ní Chorrduibh, a teacher in Corclogh NS, Belmullet completed the course How to teach Irish Effectively in the Classroom. Nuachtlitir Ghaelchultúir spoke to her recently to get her opinions on the course.

1. What prompted you to do the course?
I decided to do the course because I had done a course on a few years ago and had been very happy with my choice then. Last year I was looking for some new ideas with regard to teaching Irish and I thought this particular course looked interesting and very much in line with my requirements.

2. What did you think of the course?
The course last year gave me a lot of new ideas with regard to the teaching Irish in my class and it helped me to encourage the children to speak the language through enjoyable, fun activities. As well as this, the course gave me lots of ideas for teaching grammar. I learned that it’s much better to link the grammar to one of the themes and for it to be interwoven with the lesson so that it’s easier and more meaningful for the children.

3. What aspects of the course did you most enjoy?
I really liked the layout of the course. Every unit was set out in accordance with the precommunication, true communication and post communication stages of the lesson – which made it very clear and useful in terms of planning. The videos really added to the course as well – it was great to see the lessons being taught.

I got lots of ideas from other teachers on the course forum – it was nice to be able to share a few of my own also! Interesting discussion arose around certain topics as well, which made the course very enjoyable.

4. Would you recommend the course to others?
I'd certainly recommend this course to other teachers! It was very enjoyable and extremely useful for ideas, games and activities.

5. Do you intend to do another course on this year?
I plan to do the course Cluichí Cainte don Rang Gaeilge Bunscoile on this summer. As a school we'll be placing a big emphasis on spoken Irish next year and I feel that this course will help me encourage the children to speak Irish both in my own classroom and around the school.

6. What are your plans for the summer?
I'll still be on maternity leave during the summer. I'll be spending lots of time with my children Ruth, Clodagh and my new son Tiernan! I'll be very busy but very content!

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