Newletter #44: April 2019

Gaelchultúr offering online EPV courses for ten years now

Gaelchultúr first offered online EPV courses for primary school teachers in 2009 and in the intervening ten years there have been nearly 8,000 registrations for those courses.

The courses are specifically designed for primary school teachers, and they reflect the increasing emphasis placed in the curriculum on speaking and communication in language learning. Teachers are provided with imaginative strategies to encourage children to play through the medium of Irish, and participants share their own ideas and experience with each other on the discussion forums. Several courses focus on online resources for teaching Irish and grammar courses at three different levels are available for those who are interested in improving their written Irish.

As well as the high standard of the courses, Gaelchultúr’s innovative approach continues to attract students to return time and again to Because these courses take place online, participants can work around their existing schedule – all they have to do is log in, any time of the day and no matter where they are, and the course content is right there in front of them. Even more conveniently, the courses are optimised for smartphones and tablets as well as traditional computers – so there’s nothing stopping users from working away at their course on the train, for example, or on the couch at home.

Michelle Seoighe, Gaelchultúr’s Sales and Marketing Manager, says the EPV courses are as popular as ever and that their impact can be seen in classrooms throughout the country.

“We in Gaelchultúr are very proud to provide high-quality courses to help primary school teachers to teach Irish. We’ve seen since the courses were launched that the country’s teachers are working hard to perfect their language skills. Gaelchultúr’s courses emphasis spoken Irish rather than writing or reading, which is in keeping with the curriculum’s priorities. The EPV courses have been specially designed with those priorities in mind. We often get positive feedback about the impact the courses have had in classrooms across the country.”

As well as their convenience and the high standard of the materials, these courses also have the advantage of being recognised by the Department of Education and Skills, meaning that teachers can earn up to 5 EPV days for completing them. The departmental rules about online teaching state that participants who finish one course can claim three EPV days for completing one course, four for completing two, and five for participants who finish three online courses. The courses must be completed between the 1 July 2019 and the 23 of August 2019 to avail of these EPV days.

For more information about any of the courses, to try a sample unit, or to book a course, click on the titles below. Each course costs €69 but students who buy two will get a third course free.

Further information regarding Gaelchultúr's EPV courses can be found here.