Newletter #44: April 2019

Trying to plan your summer? Why not register for an Irish class with Gaelchultúr!

The days are getting longer and summer is nearly upon us. If you're looking for new ways to make the most out of the long summer days, maybe you’d be interested in undertaking an Irish language evening class. Every summer Gaelchultúr welcomes learners from all over Ireland as well as from further afield to its education centre in Dublin city centre, where classes are available at seven different levels.

“There’s something about the summer course that really appeals to people,” says Niamh Ní Chadhla, Gaelchultúr’s Planning and Project Manager. “It’s still bright outside and people seem to have more energy as a result. On top of that, they tend to have more time on their hands during the summer, and more flexibility in their schedules. Because each learner has access to all course notes from day one, in their booklets and online, it doesn’t really matter if they miss a class or two because of holidays – they can continue learning as they soak up the sun in France, Spain or wherever they are in the world!

“The social aspect of the classes also really appeals to people. There is a strong emphasis on the spoken language in the classes which gives people the confidence to speak in Irish and which also means that they get to know each other quite well. It often happens that people meet at one level and then continue through the levels together as friends. They love having the opportunity to get to know others who share their interest in the Irish language and in Irish culture.”

The summer programme of classes will commence the week beginning 13 May 2019. Classes will run for ten weeks and will be available at the following levels:

• Beginners
• Elementary
• Lower Intermediate
• Upper Intermediate
• Advanced 1
• Advanced 2
• Accuracy 1

For more information about Gaelchultúr’s summer 2019 evening classes or to download the course brochure, please click here. You can book a class online at or by ringing Gaelchultúr on (01) 484 5220 or 1890 252 900.

If you're interested in attending a class but if you're not sure about your level of competency, you can attend an assessment in advance; assessments will take place in Gaelchultúr on 7, 8 and 9 May. If you call in to us at any time between 6.00pm and 7.00pm, one of our teachers will assess your Irish and will tell you which level would best suit you. Assessments are free of charge, only take about 15 minutes and there’s no need to book in advance.