Newletter #47: January 2020

Gaelchultúr’s evening classes: the thoughts of two learners

Gaelchultúr launched a series of interviews on Facebook Live recently regarding the company’s evening classes and the final episode was broadcast on Tuesday, 21 January. The aim of the programmes was to provide information about the evening classes and to focus on the experiences two of our students had whilst learning Irish with us.

More than 15,000 people have viewed the programmes on Gaelchultúr’s Facebook page since the first one was broadcast at the beginning of January.

Our presenter, Seán Ó Catháin, gave advice regarding the evening classes and his guests spoke about how they learnt Irish. In the first programme, Seán spoke about the evening classes generally and answered questions from the public. Tarsila Krüse was the guest in the second programme and Seán was joined by another learner, Ruairí Heading, in the third edition.

Tarsila is a book illustrator from Brazil who has illustrated seven children’s books, including four in the Irish language. She has completed evening classes at two levels (Beginners and Elementary) with Gaelchultúr to date. She spoke about the Irish she has learned to date and the importance of having a good teacher.

“What I enjoyed the most about the courses I have completed with Gaelchultúr,” says Tarsila, “is the rapport between students and teachers. I have studied a couple of other languages and, in any language school, you can have the best facilities and everything else but if you don’t have a good relationship with the teacher or your fellow students, it’s difficult to return to those courses. If you don’t connect with your fellow learners or if the teacher doesn’t create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, then it’s very hard. That’s what I enjoy the most about the classes that I’ve done with Gaelchultúr and that’s why I keep coming back!”

The second guest in the series, Ruairí Heading, is an actor who has taken part in plays such as Mac an Bheatha, The Cripple of Inishmaan and Haughey/Gregory. He has attended evening classes at various levels (Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2) with Gaelchultúr. He spoke about how he became interested in the language after leaving school.

“I remember I was abroad once with a friend of mine, in Germany. We were going out with Germans, Spanish and French and everyone had his own language, except for myself and my friend. After that trip, I was asking myself why I didn’t have my own language, what my identity was and what my culture was. The answer came to me then: the Irish Language. That’s my identity, my culture and my language.”

It’s clear that Ruairí has put in a lot of effort with the language over the years. He says that he has undertaken around ten courses with Gaelchultúr to date and he plans to attend others in the future. “Gaelchultúr’s courses are very professional and I would definitely recommend them.”

“We’re delighted that the series has been very successful and that we were able to spread the word about our evening classes,” says Michelle Seoighe, Gaelchultúr’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “We often hear that people want to return to learning the language and to build on their cúpla focal. We wanted to show that we create a fun place to learn and that you can move through the levels step by step.”

You can find the videos referred to above on Gaelchultúr’s Facebook page or on the company’s YouTube channel.