Newsletter #48: April 2020

Link of the month: the Pota Focal spellchecker

It’s essential to use a spellchecker when writing Irish, especially if you use the language regularly in your work. We in Gaelchultúr advise our learners and students to buy and download GaelSpell but there’s also an online version available on the Pota Focal website for those who don’t want to pay for that spellchecker.

There are many useful resources available for free on Pota Focal but this online version of GaelSpell is one of the most useful. To check what you’ve typed, simply paste it into the textbox found in the “Litreoir/Spellchecker” section on the site and then click on the word “Gabh”. In the new page that opens, a red line will appear under the incorrectly-spelled words; left-click on one of those words and you’ll see the correct version.

The Pota Focal website was developed by computer engineer Michal Boleslav Měchura from the Czech Republic and the other resources available on the site are:

Gluais Tí/House Glossary
Irish → English dictionary aimed primarily at learners of Irish and non-native speakers of Irish. There are over 6,000 entries covering the most important basic vocabulary in the language.

Gluais Beo!/Beo! Glossary
A searchable database of all bilingual glossaries published in the magazine Beo! between 2001 and 2014. There are over 200,000 entries.

A dictionary of Irish words and terms of similar or related meaning with over 30,000 entries.

A dictionary that illustrates the meanings and usage patterns of Irish verbs.