Newsletter #48: April 2020

Intensive Preparatory Course for Hibernia's Irish language interviews available online now

If you’ve applied for the Professional Masters in Education or if you intend to do so in the future there’s a good chance that preparation for the Irish interview is on your mind. If so, you might be interested in our Intensive Preparatory Course for the Professional Masters in Education (PMEP) Interviews: Hibernia.

This is an online course which can be completed by students at their own pace at home, no matter where they are based – in Ireland or further afield.

The course is suitable for those who have studied Irish at school, perhaps a good number of years ago, who understand a great deal of the language, but have had few opportunities to use it in recent years.

There are nine different units in the course, each of which concentrates on a distinct topic that could come up in the interview. Here are the topics dealt with in the course:

• Unit 1: The Structure of the Interview

• Unit 2: Background and Where You Live / The Family

• Unit 3: The Working Life

• Unit 4: Holidays and Travel / Languages

• Unit 5: Education and the Teaching Profession

• Unit 6: My Lifestyle

• Unit 7: Speaking about the Past

• Unit 8: Speaking about the Future

• Unit 9: If I were the Minister for Education ...

The emphasis of the course is on preparing students to be able to tackle the above topics during the interview. Useful vocabulary and phrases are taught, and there are many sample conversations provided also. All parts of the course include sound files so that students can reacquaint themselves properly with the sounds of the language.

Important information about the language is also given in each unit, and the students’ attention is drawn to the deadly sins, linguistically speaking, that are commonly made in the interviews and that should be avoided wherever possible.

You can purchase this course, or have a go at a sample unit of it here. Since this course is wholly online, you can purchase it at any time, and you will have access to it for six months.