Newsletter #49 July 2020

Live online classes recommencing in the autumn

This summer more people attended Gaelchultúr’s live online classes than had ever before attended in Dublin. The reason for this increase is that this summer, for the first time ever, we are offering online classes and the classes are proving very popular both in Ireland and abroad. The Irish language community throughout the world had the opportunity to take part in the classes and improve their skills in the language and, in this summer's classes, we welcomed learners from Wimbledon to Minneapolis, from Bangor to New York and even from as far afield as Kuala Lumpur!

Are you interested in the Irish language, but never had the opportunity to learn it properly? Do you wish you were better able to help your children with their Irish homework? Do you understand a lot of the language, but don’t have the confidence to have a proper conversation? Are you pretty fluent but want to improve your vocabulary, your understanding of grammar and your conversation skills? People do Irish classes with Gaelchultúr for a whole host of different reasons, and we have courses to cater to every level of ability and fluency, from absolute beginners to fluent speakers. And now, no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to do an Irish class with us.

Gaelchultúr uses an effective teaching approach, an interesting syllabus relevant to the lives of learners and class teachers are highly qualified and vastly experienced and, as a result, the learner is guaranteed a very positive experience in an encouraging, learner-centred environment. Learners are made to feel at ease from the start and are encouraged to learn at their own pace.

The next term of Gaelchultúr’s evening classes will commence the week beginning 21 September 2020. Classes will run for ten weeks and all you need to take part is a headset with a microphone (a USB headset, if possible), a laptop or desktop computer and a reasonably good broadband connection. Classes will be available at the following levels:

• Bunrang 1 (Beginners)

• Bunrang 2 (Elementary)

• Meánrang 1 (Lower Intermediate)

• Meánrang 2 (Upper Intermediate)

• Ardrang 1 (Advanced)

• Ardrang 2 (Advanced 2)

• Cruinneas sa Ghaeilge 1 (Accuracy in Irish 1)

• Cruinneas sa Ghaeilge 2 (Accuracy in Irish 2)

For more information about Gaelchultúr’s autumn online courses 2020, please click here. To download the course brochure, please click here.