Newsletter #49 July 2020

10 reasons why it's worth undertaking a course on

Are you interested in improving your Irish but don’t have the time to attend classes regularly? Do you need a more flexible approach to learning the language that will be suited to your timetable? If so, you might be interested in completing one of the many online courses available on Gaelchultúr’s e-learning website, was launched by Gaelchultúr in 2008 and since then learners at all levels from all over the world have used the site to learn Irish or improve their knowledge of the language. Below, we give just some of the reasons why you should consider doing an online course on

1. Comprehensive, high-quality courses is a user-friendly and comprehensive e-learning website that lets you learn authentic, everyday Irish independently and at your own pace. offers a wide range of courses to inspire learners of all levels to improve their knowledge of the language. In short, it is the best place to learn Irish online!

2. Video and sound content
Audio and video are core components of most of the courses on, giving you access to authentic, everyday Irish and helping you acquire the sounds of the language correctly.

3. Instant feedback is full of fun, interactive exercises. On completing a task, you receive instant feedback, you’re given a score and you’re told the correct answers.

4. Course forums
You won’t be learning on your own on as each course contains a forum where you can get in contact with other learners and with the site facilitators.

5. Accessible on various devices
Our site is responsive and mobile-ready: it works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and, of course, desktop computers. So whether you’re using your smartphone on the train, your iPad on the couch or your desktop computer in your home office, you can continue learning Irish with

6. Step-by-step learning
Each course on is underpinned by a comprehensive, graded syllabus. The content is delivered in a user-friendly way and the amount of material presented is never overwhelming. Interactive exercises throughout the course enable you to test your knowledge of what you’ve just been taught.

7. Courses for every level
The courses available on are suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to those who want to achieve grammatical accuracy. In addition, there are specialised courses available for primary school teachers and for those who would like to be primary school teachers but who are worried about the Irish language interview that is part of the entry process in all the training colleges.

8. Instructional videos for those who are not au fait with technology
If you have never completed an online course before and are not sure about your technical skills, don’t worry! We have instructional videos on how to get to grips with that are very helpful if you aren’t used to online learning.

9. Sample material available for free
If you aren’t sure about the most suitable course for you, you can try a sample unit from each of the courses to help you decide. This will give you a taste of the content it contains and show you the level of difficulty and will help you choose the best course for you.

10. Free online test
If you're still unsure about the most appropriate level for you, you can try the free online test on There is a total of 100 questions in the test and it takes between 30 and 40 minutes on average to complete. All you have to do in the case of each question is to choose one answer, the correct one. This test is graded, therefore the questions become more difficult as you make your way through them. If you don’t have fluent Irish, it’s best to stop answering the questions and to click on the “Results of the test” button if you feel that you’ve reached the stage in the test when you’re guessing the answers. For more information about the test, please click here.