Newsletter #49 July 2020

Online EPV Courses: A great opportunity for primary school teachers to improve their Irish

Gaelchultúr is offering online EPV courses again this summer and primary school teachers will have the opportunity to improve their Irish language skills and earn EPV days at the same time. The courses are very popular with teachers and there have been over 8500 enrolments on the courses since they started in 2009.

These Irish courses are aimed at primary school teachers and we offer a wide range of courses to help them improve their skills in the language. They are given imaginative strategies to encourage children to have fun through the medium of Irish and ideas for enjoyable activities to do the classroom. We also offer grammar courses at three different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) for those who want to improve their understanding of Irish grammar and their writing skills. They are very practical courses and emphasize the most important aspects of Irish grammar and aspects that frequently come up in the classroom.

Participants complete the course on Gaelchultúr's e-learning site,, where excellent material, based on what is in the curriculum of the education system, is available to the participants. As these are online courses, participants can set their own timetable based on their schedule and log in at any time that suits them. These courses are adapted for tablets and smartphones as well as traditional computers so, no matter what time of day it is or where they are in the world, participants will be able to engage in learning. Even though it is an online course, participants also have opportunities to share their ideas and experiences with other teachers in the course forums.

“We are delighted that we are able to support the country's primary school teachers to improve their language skills, and that we are able to share with them practical ideas for using Irish in a fun way in the classroom,” says Éamonn Ó Dónaill, Gaelchultúr's Director of Education. “We have received extremely positive feedback on the EPV courses over the years and teachers return year after year to do other courses with us. We are very proud that teachers are much more confident in teaching Irish in the classroom after completing our courses and that the impact of the courses can be seen in classrooms across the country.”

The courses are recognized by the Department of Education and Skills and therefore primary school teachers can earn up to 5 EPV days from them. In accordance with the Department's online course rules, participants who complete one online course will be given three EPV days, those who complete two online courses will be given four EPV days and those who complete three online courses will be given five EPV days. The course(s) must be completed between 1 July 2020 and 23 August 2020 to earn these extra personal vacation days. The fee for each course is €69 but if you buy two courses, you will get the third course for free.

Below is a list of all the EPV courses we offer. To find out more about the EPV courses, to try out a sample unit or to book the course, click on the appropriate title of the course below.

Communicative Games for Irish Class

Communicative Resources for Irish Class

Video Grammar Course for Primary School Teachers

How to Teach Irish Effectively in the Classroom

Practical Irish for Primary School Teachers - Junior and Senior Infants

Practical Irish for Primary School Teachers - 1st and 2nd Class

Practical Irish for Primary School Teachers - 3rd and 4th Class

Practical Irish for Primary School Teachers - 5th and 6th Class

Accuracy in Irish (Basic) for Primary School Teachers

Accuracy in Irish (Intermediate) for Primary School Teachers

Accuracy in Irish (Advanced) for Primary School Teachers

Further information regarding Gaelchultúr’s EPV courses can be found here.