Newsletter #50: December 2020

Online employment opportunities with Gaelchultúr

For the past fifteen years, Gaelchultúr has been providing classroom-based Irish language courses for adults in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Due to virus situation, however, all of our courses are now being run online, giving teachers based in various parts of the country and abroad the opportunity to work with us. (One of our teachers is currently teaching for us from Belgium, for example!)

All the benefits of working with us can be found below but if you have been thinking of teaching classes with Gaelchultúr before, there has never been a better time to seize the opportunity!

We run courses on a continuous basis and they cater for learners at all levels of competency, from total beginners to fluent speakers of Irish. We have a whole range of course delivery models, e.g. intensive day courses, 15-week courses, night classes and weekend classes.

Gaelchultúr has a panel of part-time teachers and correctors and we are always seeking to add to that panel. If you’re interested in teaching/correction work with us, please send your CV to If work becomes available that would suit you, we will contact you to arrange an interview.

When we’re recruiting teachers and correctors, we look for people who have:

  • a high standard of both spoken and written Irish

  • an Irish language qualification and/or a formal teaching qualification

  • experience in teaching Irish (especially to adults)

  • excellent interpersonal skills, so that they can put learners at ease and motivate them.

  • Here are some of the advantages of teaching with Gaelchultúr:

    We provide lesson plans and teaching resources for each class so the teacher doesn't have to develop that material. We also provide training and instructions on the platforms used for the classes.

    The instructions contained in the lesson plans are so comprehensive that they give new teachers an opportunity to learn high-level teaching skills inside a short period of time, which contributes greatly to their professional development.

    A modern, learner-centred teaching approach is used; this ensures that learners have plenty of opportunities to participate in the classes, which contributes greatly to the atmosphere in the classroom.

    We have developed comprehensive syllabuses, ensuring that there is continuity from class to class and from course to course.

    5. Online support material is usually provided for learners so that they can revise what they’ve covered in the classroom and prepare for the next class. This reduces the pressure on the teacher in the classroom and ensures that learners make better progress during a course.

    Teachers are given an opportunity to correct homework and earn extra money. This work is not compulsory nor is it necessary to teach with us in order to correct with us but many teachers find it attractive because of the flexibility involved and the hourly rate paid for the work.