Newsletter #50: December 2020

Eight Christmas gifts from

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are looking for gifts for our loved ones, friends or spouses. There's a wide range of products and books available from but sometimes it's difficult to find the appropriate gift. We want to ease the pressure on you with eight gift ideas that are sure to appeal to those special people in your life.

For the Gaeilgeoir in your life:

1. Concise English-Irish Dictionary
This newly-published dictionary is derived from the hugely popular New English-Irish Dictionary which is available online at This print version contains an extensive range of contemporary Irish-language translations of modern English words and phrases. There are 1,800 pages in total, in excess of 30,000 entries, and more than 200,000 sample phrases and sentences in Irish. Ideal for the Irish speaker in your life!

2. Gramadach gan Stró!
One of our own publications. Almost 30,000 copies of this grammar have been sold since it was first published eleven years ago and, as the cover states, it is “suitable for those who do not normally understand grammar books and are confused by complicated rules”.

For children:

3. An tOileán Thiar
Fia longs to go to the mysterious island that appears and disappears out in the bay. One night a moonbeam reaches across the water and leads her there, to where magical creatures stride around and the air is thick with secrets. Based on the mythical island of Hy Brasil off the west coast of Ireland.

4. Muireann agus an Fharraige Fhiáin
When Muireann wakes up one morning, the house is empty. Her father was out fishing in the wild sea and he has not yet returned. She takes her most precious possessions down to the harbour: a brass locket with twenty small phoenix shells inside, a photograph of her father and her favorite doll, Nora. She is to offer them to the sea to get her father back safe and sound. But will the wild sea bring her father and the other fathers back from the fishing trip? A magical tale of faith, sacrifice and hope by a prolific author, Malachy Doyle, and highy-regarded illustrator, Andrew Whitson.

For everybody:

5. Jimín Mháire Thaidhg
The 2020 edition of the Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha classic, in A5 book format and paperback. An unabridged standardized version of Jimín 's story, edited by Ríona Nic Congáil and illustrated by Andrew Whitson. The hardback edition of this book was very popular in 2018, and now the paperback version is available.

6. Ar Luch agus Ar Dhuine
A beautiful Irish language edition of the John Steinbeck classic Of Mice and Men, first published in 1937 and regarded as one of the great literary works of the twentieth century. George and Lennie are two labourers in California in the Thirties of the last century. Lennie is a resilient childlike giant and George takes care of him. And while they have nothing in life but the clothes on their backs, they have a dream - to buy a small farm for themselves and “live off the fat of the land”.

7. Scrabble as Gaeilge
Scrabble has been in high demand for over seventy years now. It was first sold in 1948 and is now the world's premier word game. Scrabble is now adapted for Irish, with the frequency and value of the letters in accordance with the language. Scrabble as Gaeilge is perfect for all Irish speakers - from learners to fluent speakers. Scrabble in Irish - a really great gift!

8. Lúba
A new book from renowned author Alan Titley. This work won the Prose Work of the Year award at the 2018 Oireachtas.