Newsletter #50: December 2020

Deal of the month

Gaelchultúr is always adding to the ways in which you can learn Irish. We run evening classes, we’ve published various resources for adult learners and we also provide interactive multimedia courses on our e-learning website,

We believe, however, that it is more effective to use more than one learning method and that it is worth trying out the various options provided by Gaelchultúr while studying the language.

With that in mind, we have a great deal on offer this month for readers of this newsletter. If you register for any of the three courses below on, we will add one extra month to your registration - but you only have until 18 December to avail of this deal!

Gaeilge gan Stró! – Beginners Level

Gaeilge gan Stró! – Lower Intermediate Level

Gramadach gan Stró! (Eagrán 4)

With you can learn Irish on the bus to work, on your holidays or anywhere in the world. The site is suitable for smart phones and tablets and is extremely user-friendly.

The best of luck!

• You must send an email to with “MARGADH” as the subject after registering on
• This offer can only be redeemed once per person.