Newsletter #41: March 2018

Link of the month: GradIreland - Do ghairm le Gaeilge

Do you often hear people saying that there are no jobs for Irish-language graduates? Does this get on your nerves? Well, for a perfect antidote to this type of talk, why not pay a visit to the GradIreland website!

GradIreland, in conjunction with Foras na Gaeilge, have created a series of videos showing the wide range of opportunities available to those with a good proficiency in Irish. In these videos, there are interviews with people from a range of professional sectors, including law, education, business and the media. The interviewees speak about the day-to-day responsibilities in their job, about the experience they had before taking up their current role, the skills they need for the work and the aspects of their job that appeal to them the most. You will get a sense of how Irish has helped them in their professions, and you might even spot one of the Gaelchultúr team!

If you're interested in a career through Irish, the information in these videos should prove very useful. They will show you that when you can speak good Irish, the world is your oyster!