Newsletter #41: March 2018

Four ways to celebrate the Irish language with Gaelchultúr on St Patrick’s Day!

1. Special discounts for St Patrick's Day 2018

On St Patrick's Day Irish culture is celebrated all over the world. We believe the best way to do this is to speak the Irish language in everyday life. Beatha teanga í a labhairt! Here in Gaelchultúr we would like to support that celebration by making it easier for people in all corners of the globe to learn to speak authentic, everyday Irish.

With that in mind we are offering special discounts on, our Irish language e-learning website, for one week. Keep an eye on your email account on 16 March and you'll receive all the details.

2. Competition with TG4

TG4 and Gaelchultúr are teaming up to run a special competition to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge and St Patrick’s Day. The winner will receive a one year membership on one of the following courses:

Gaeilge gan Stró! – Beginners Level
Gaeilge gan Stró! – Lower Intermediate Level
Gramadach gan Stró!

Give TG4 and Gaelchultúr’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) a “like” and you'll find out how to enter the competition.

3. Free Resources

Gaelchultúr provides Irish language courses and learning resources of the highest quality, aimed at those with an interest in Irish worldwide. You can learn Irish one phrase at a time with Gaelchultúr's Frása an Lae, for example, and we also have a series of 50 videos, Fís agus Foghlaim, that make learning Irish language grammar a lot easier and a lot more fun. For information about useful resources for learners, teachers and the Irish language community in general, please click here.

4. Become a member of is an online Irish language book club, and its aim is to encourage people in Ireland and abroad to read Irish language books. Individuals can become members of this online book club but we also want to encourage the members to meet once a month in various locations around Ireland to discuss the work that will be the book of the month.

It’s our policy to avoid books that are too difficult or academic. The focus is on novels and short-story collections for the most part, but books from other genres (poetry and travel books, for example) are discussed from time to time. There is a mix of newly-published books and classics that are still in print.

What are the advantages joining of
• Membership is free of charge.
• It will encourage you to read one Irish book each month, and the books are all easily available from
• A bilingual glossary will be available to download from to help you read the book more easily.
• You will have the opportunity to discuss the book with others in the forums on the website.