Newsletter #42: May 2018

Gaelchultúr is looking for teachers and correctors

Gaelchultúr runs courses on a continuous basis and caters for learners at all levels of competency, from total beginners to fluent speakers of Irish. We have a whole range of course delivery models, e.g. intensive day courses, 20 week courses, night classes and weekend classes.

What do Gaelchultúr's teachers do?

  • Gaelchultúr's teachers use a modern teaching approach which ensures that learners have plenty of opportunities to participate in the classes and that there is a nice positive atmosphere in the classroom.
  • They teach mostly in Gaelchultúr's headquarters in Dublin but other courses are run nationwide and at different times of the day. This makes it possible for us to offer classes to teachers living in different parts of the country who are only available on a part-time basis.
  • Gaelchultúr's teachers add greatly to their teaching skills as they follow the guidelines that are contained in the comprehensive lesson plans.
  • Gaelchultúr's teachers come in contact with all types of people seeking to learn or relearn the Irish language. To date, ambassadors, ministers, TDs, Taoisigh, civil servants, TV personalities, people from different countries and others have participated in courses with us.
  • Advice and support for teachers is always readily available from the inhouse team. Gaelchultúr's teachers liaise regularly with Gaelchultúr staff, who are always willing to help.

More importantly, what are Gaelchultúr's teachers not required to do?

  • Gaelchultúr's teachers are not required to put lesson plans together and don't need to prepare the teaching resources used in any course that they teach; that work has already been completed by the company’s academic staff.
  • Gaelchultúr's teachers are not asked to prepare the resources used in the classroom, nor do they do any of the photocopying that is needed; Gaelchultúr’s administrative team take care of that work.
  • Gaelchultúr's teachers are not required to correct the homework given to the students that they teach – unless they want to do that work! Teachers are more than welcome to earn some extra money by correcting course homework - the fee is very good and they can undertake this work at home!

If you’re interested in working with Gaelchultúr and if you have an Irish language qualification as well as some teaching experience, please send your CV to so that we can add you to our panel of teachers. If work becomes available that would suit you, we will contact you in order to arrange an interview.