Teaching approach

All courses delivered by Gaelchultúr are learner-centred and the emphasis is on the learners and their needs. The focus is on relevant, everyday language, including the type of language used by the trainees in their work, and the learners are actively involved in each class. Trainers use a communicative approach to teaching and there is a strong emphasis on group and pair work, on role-play activities and language games, as we believe that the learning of Irish should be fun and rewarding, rather than a chore.

Some grammar is introduced in each class but it is taught in an interactive manner, with the focus on interesting consciousness-raising exercises. Only grammar that helps the participants communicate more effectively is taught, and complicated terminology is avoided at all times.

Role play activities are used on a regular basis in class in order to give participants the opportunity to use and develop those phatic forms of language that are so necessary in oiling the works of social relationships, but which are so often neglected in the classroom.