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Accuracy of marketing materials
We believe that all the statements made in our brochures, website and other marketing materials are accurate and correct at the time they are made. Every reasonable attempt has been made to describe the course and any other services mentioned. We cannot be held responsible for any changes that happen after the brochure is produced. (Up to date information can be found on our website). Nor can we accept liability for happenings outside our control.

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Queries, problems using the site and complaints
If you have a query regarding a booking that you have made, if you have any difficulty using this site, or if you wish to complain about any of Gaelchultúr’s services, please contact: eolas@gaelchultur.com.

Privacy policy
The company Realex Payments provides the online payment facility on the Gaelchultúr website. Realex Payments and its partner Gaelchultúr pledge that the information you enter will not be shared with any outside party without your expressed consent and that any emails you receive from Realex Payments and its partner Gaelchultúr will be related to your order only. Realex Payments and Gaelchultúr agree not to send you spam at any time.

We may need to transfer the personal data you give us (such as your name and contact details), to your tutor.

We would also like to store and use your personal details for future marketing purposes (for example, sending you a brochure). If you do not wish to receive marketing material from us, please let us know and your name will be removed from our list.

Registering for a course and for other activities
You must pay the fee for a course, class or workshop in its entirety in advance in order to reserve a place on that course, in that class or workshop.

The cancellation of courses, classes or workshops
A minimum number of participants need to register for a course, class or any type of workshop before it can take place. If that minimum is not reached, Gaelchultúr reserves the right to cancel that course, class or workshop. A notice of 24 hours will be given to those who have registered for the course, class or workshop, and the course fee will be repaid to them in its entirety.

Gaelchultúr Teoranta: Policy for those with Disabilities

Gaelchultúr Teoranta is dedicated to providing services to the general public and we recognise that people with disabilities are an important part of that public. We understand the importance of providing as many opportunities as possible to those with disabilities so that they can perfect their talents and skills.

To that end, Gaelchultúr will ensure that the company adheres to each of its statutory responsibilities regarding people with disabilities.

Gaelchultúr has a positive, open and welcoming attitude towards people with disabilities who wish to attend our courses and avail of our services.

Applications from people with disabilities will be dealt with on a case by case basis to ensure, if at all possible, that the company can provide services for them. This process will be completely under discretion.

Gaelchultúr’s Academic Administrator has been recognised and nominated by the company as the first point of contact for any person with a disability who wishes to attend one of our courses; the Academic Administrator will discuss each particular case – regarding both opportunities and difficulties – with the interested party.

When Gaelchultúr is able to cater for the needs of the person with a disability, the Academic Administrator will make the appropriate arrangements and will facilitate the process after that as much as possible.

In the event that it is determined, for one reason or another, that the needs of the person with a disability cannot be catered for in a particular case, Gaelchultúr will make every attempt to recommend a different course that is both appropriate and acceptable to that person, even if it is in another institute.

Though people with a disability (those in a wheelchair, for example) can access the ground floor of Gaelchultúr’s headquarters on Clare Street, there is no elevator or toilets for people with disabilities in the building itself.

Gaelchultúr’s staff are all informed of the company’s positive, open and welcoming attitude towards people with disabilities, and an awareness of the company’s services in that area will be included in the training of new staff and in internal in-service courses.

Gaelchultúr will ensure that the statutory provisions laid down in the Employment Equality Acts, 1998-2011, are appropriately adhered to in regards to any of our staff members with a disability and during the hiring of new staff members.

A person with a disability can contact the Academic Administrator to discuss his/her application and needs, in any of the following ways:

By letter to: The Academic Administrator, Gaelchultúr Teoranta, 11 Clare Street, Dublin 2. On the phone: (01) 484 5220 By email: eolas@gaelchultur.com In person (preferably with an appointment): 11 Sráid an Chláraigh, Baile Átha Cliath 2.