Giving Speeches in Irish – Half-day Course

Giving Speeches in Irish – Half-day Course
From 04 October 2024


Are you required to give speeches as part of your role, and would you like to incorporate more Irish into those speeches? Gaelchultúr is delighted to launch a brand-new half-day course that will enable participants to use more Irish in their speeches. This course is aimed at politicians, senior managers, communications officers, and spokespersons working within the public sector who are required to carry out public-speaking duties at events and centres where the Irish language is used. It is suitable for those who have already studied Irish (at school, for example) but have been out of practice for several years (i.e. elementary/intermediate level).

This half-day course will be delivered via Zoom.

Aim of the Course

This half-day course aims to enable the participants to learn Irish phrases that will be suitable for speeches and visits to various venues where the Irish language is used. They will also be taught a vocabulary and useful phrases to help them use more Irish when communicating with their colleagues and the public at events.

The course also aims to build language skills and confidence in participants so that they will be comfortable using Irish when greeting a crowd and delivering a speech.

Content and Approach

The emphasis in the course will be on speaking the language. Participants will have the opportunity to learn basic Irish phrases to start and end a speech. A cohesive and simplistic approach will be taking when discussing Irish language pronunciation.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask the teacher questions during the class. Pair work and group work will also be an integral part of the bootcamp, giving participants the opportunity to practice what they have been taught.

Participants will be made aware of the numerous Irish language resources online so that may continue to use the language one a more regular basis.

Learning Resources

In addition to the live online course, participants will be given 3 months access to a comprehensive learning resource on the Gaelchultúr e-learning site, This e-learning tool includes both written and audio content. Gaelchultúr understands the importance of developing and improving language skills on a continuous basis and this tool gives users the opportunity to review the learning materials of the course long after they have completed their training with Gaelchultúr.

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Basic to Intermediate

Levels Day Time Start Date

Our teaching approach

Gaelchultúr has developed comprehensive syllabuses and every class at every level follows these syllabuses.

The communicative approach to language teaching is used by Gaelchultúr’s teachers, giving learners the opportunity to play an active part in each class.

A strong emphasis is placed on group and pair work and learners therefore have a chance to practise what they’ve been taught. The main focus is on speaking and listening in all classes (with the exception of Cruinneas sa Ghaeilge), but reading and writing activities also feature.

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You will need a laptop or desktop computer, a reasonably good broadband connection and a headset with a microphone (a USB headset, if possible). Headsets can be purchased online on Amazon and other websites.
You will be sent an invitation by email about 20 minutes before the class begins. This email message will come from Zoom, the video conferencing platform used to deliver the classes.
You can, indeed. Every learner will be given the opportunity to do a technical test before the course commences and any technical issues that emerge during this test will be resolved. You don’t need to organise this – we will contact you to arrange a time after you have registered for the course.
You can but you will not be able to participate in pair work and group work activities. It is better, therefore, to use a laptop or desktop computer, if possible.
We recommend that learners switch on their camera during class as it makes the learning experience more immersive. If you do not wish to turn on your camera, however, that’s perfectly fine.
There will be at least six other learners in the class and a maximum of eighteen people.
Pair work and group work activities will be an integral part of each class, therefore you’ll have plenty of opportunities to speak Irish. You will also be able to raise a virtual hand and ask the teacher questions whenever you like.
No. A digital booklet containing all the material you’ll need during the course will be emailed to you before the course commences and you will be able to use this booklet during the classes and for studying between the sessions. The cost of this booklet is included in the course fee. You will also be able to access all of the notes online. The beginners and lower intermediate classes are based on the books in the Gaeilge gan Stró! series but learners in those classes are not required to buy those publications. Note: Those attending Accuracy 1 and Accuracy 2 will be required to buy the grammar book Gramadach gan Stró! before the course commences. They will be able to buy this book at half price (€10), plus postage.
In the case of the beginners and intermediate level classes, there will be written exercises from time to time but the emphasis will be on the spoken language for the most part. We will teach grammar in context, as it’s required, and we will always ensure that there isn’t too much focus on grammatical rules. There will be a greater emphasis on writing and grammar in the higher level classes, particularly in the accuracy in Irish classes.

Terms and Conditions

  • Course fees may be refunded in full to a learner up to five working days prior to the commencement of the course. The refund must by requested by contacting Gaelchultúr’s staff by email or by phone. (Our contact details can be found here.)
  • If, following the first class, the student decides that he/she would like to discontinue the course, 60% of the total fee will be refunded to him/her. Thereafter, no refund will be made to the student.
  • Gaelchultúr Teoranta has the right to cancel a class or to amalgamate classes.
  • If it is necessary to cancel a class, every effort will be made to place the participants in another class or to register them for an online course. A full refund will be made to the customer if these options do not suit him/her.
  • A student may defer his/her registration only once. If he/she wishes to defer registration, he/she must notify Gaelchultúr’s staff of this by week three of the course. No refund will be made to the student if he/she does not accept a place on the next course he/she is due to attend.
  • Gaelchultúr will accept no responsibility in the event that a student registers at the wrong level. We advise our students to do our online Irish test or to seek our advice to ensure that they are undertaking the correct level.
  • If a student wants to move to another level, we cannot guarantee that a space will be available for him/her at that level. Should a space be available, Gaelchultúr will charge a €10 administration fee for making the change. A change may only be made to another level following the first class.
  • Course fees must be paid in full prior to commencement of the course. Attendance on a course is subject to full payment of fees.
  • Every student must abide by our code of behaviour when attending a course with us.
  • People under 18 years of age are not permitted to attend courses other than those specified as being suitable for those under 18 years of age. Our Child Protection Statement can be found here.