Certificate in Professional Irish
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Course starts 7 October 2021
Course ends 20 January 2022
When Thursdays, 10.00am - 12.30pm
Sessions 12
Level Level 6 (C1)
Location Online - Online
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The course is aimed at public sector employees who deal with the public on a regular basis and are required on occasion to provide a service through Irish. The course seeks to provide participants with the confidence and language skills necessary to communicate through Irish, both in the context of their work and in social situations.

The emphasis in the course will be on spoken language and on developing listening skills, but students will also have some opportunities to read and to write the language.

The communicative approach to teaching will be used in the classroom. A strong emphasis will be placed on group and pair work, giving students the opportunity to practise what they’ve been taught.

In addition to the classroom sessions or the live online sessions, participants will have access to a comprehensive online course on Gaelchultúr’s e-learning website, ranganna.com. They will be able to use this material to revise what they’ve covered in class as well as to prepare for future classes.

Continuous assessment will be a core component of the course and students will be required to undergo an oral examination on completing the programme.

Course brochure

Level 6 of the Certificate in Professional Irish is aimed at those who are fluent in Irish and who wish to focus on more challenging topics. The participants have an opportunity to add to the richness of their language and gain a better understanding grammar, and they also learn useful vocabulary relating to work and contemporary life.

The spoken language, listening skills, reading and writing all feature in the programme, and there is a greater focus on those latter two skills than is the case in any of the other level of the Certificate in Professional Irish.