The Irish Language at the Centre of Economic and Environmental Change

Written by Ellen Curtin July, 2022

Gaelchultúr, the only third level college operating entirely through the medium of Irish, is dedicated to the promotion of Irish as a living language in everyday life, in the academic sector and within the world of business and innovation. As it continues to fulfil its mission, the college is delighted to launch a brand-new Professional Diploma entitled Sustainable Ventures - Purpose, Strategy and Leadership, beginning this autumn.

The Irish Language at the Centre of Economic and Environmental Change

This 12-week course offers a radical response to economic and environmental challenges. The course is developed and delivered by author and professor Dr Finbarr Bradley. Dr Bradley has years of experience in creating innovative and cutting-edge courses at universities all over the world, including University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Maynooth University, and the University of Michigan. Now, for the first time, he will be delivering his highly sought-after course through Irish.

From his experience engaging with the many entrepreneurs and creative thinkers in the Irish language community, Dr Bradley is confident that this programme will attract some of Ireland’s most radical thinkers who will play an integral role in shaping the country’s economic and environmental future and who will be responsible for developing and encouraging green enterprises and processes for the Ireland of tomorrow.

“Recognising the inherent strive for societal improvements among members of the Irish speaking community, this course offers an attractive learning experience for those engaged in decision making and speer-heading positions across public and private entities,” states Dr Bradley, the course director. “In addition, it offers the ideal learning environment for entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs and business owners who seek to develop authentic ventures rooted in Ireland, driven by a deep purpose.”

Self-reflection will be a central theme throughout the course and this aspect of education is highly valuable, as Dr Bradley explains:

“Our course is radically different to conventional approaches to adult education and lifelong learning. A unique feature is that it helps individuals discover a deeper, clearer sense of self in order to lead more meaningful lives while also positively impacting the well-being of the planet.”

This course will be run in conjunction with Gaelchultúr. It will be the first time since the establishment of the college in 2004 that Gaelchultúr will offer a course that does not focus specifically on learning the Irish language. Sustainable Ventures - Purpose, Strategy and Leadership will also be the first ever Professional Diploma to be offered by the college.

The college is very proud to be able to cater to a more dynamic group of Irish language speakers though providing this innovative programme. By diversifying and expanding the range of courses offered through the medium of Irish, Gaelchultúr is placing the language on an equal footing with other languages prominent in the education and economic sectors while simultaneously cementing Irish at the centre of the global societal shift to a greener future.

"The Irish language is much more than a subject to be taught to students," says Niamh Ní Chadhla, the college's Chief Executive Officer. “Through this course, professionals from all backgrounds and sectors can undertake a Professional Diploma to gain relevant entrepreneurial skills under the guidance of an internationally recognised expert in the field, Dr Finbarr Bradley, while creating a valuable network of Irish and international industry leaders. Delivering this course through Irish offers learners a unique advantage in that it will allow for stronger and more meaningful connections between the students and academic staff and will significantly enhance the central concept of ‘sense-of-place’ discussed throughout the course.”

The course will be delivered entirely online and will start the week beginning 26 September. Further information about this newly launched programme is available on the college's website

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